Delhi University 2013 Cut Offs

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St. Stephens releases 2012 cut-offs, leaves students shocked

by Ritu Chandna

As expected, St Stephen's has released its cut-offs for Admissions 2012 and students are not in for a good news. Reaching newer peaks this year around as well, St Stephen's cut-offs are sky-rocketing like never before.

From a 98% cut-off for commerce stream aspirants to the BA English (honours) course to 97.75% for economics; and from 91% in philosophy (honours) for science students to 89.5% for humanities, the hike has been tremendous.

The only course to have not hiked its cutoff is Sanskrit (honours), which retained last year's cutoff of 65%, reports The Times of India.

"Commerce students tend to score high, but even humanities students are scoring pretty high marks which has been reflected in the cutoff this year. While going through the application on a random basis, we found a large number of students scoring 97% or 98% in humanities," said the tutor of admissions, K M Mathew.

Based on the cutoffs the college will shortlist students for the next phase of the admission process, the interview. The names of the shortlisted candidates will be announced on Friday afternoon.

Students can check St Stephen's 2012 admissions cut-off list here.

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Source: The Times of India

Image Credit: Official website


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