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DU to introduce semester system for Arts, Commerce, soon

Posted Mon, 30 Apr 2012 12:15:45 -0000

After being introduced across 13 undergraduate science programmes with great difficulty, the semester system is back to haunt Delhi University. DU will now introduce the same in the humanities and commerce courses too by the next academic year.

According to DU sources, the departments of commerce and English have already taken a step in introducing the semester system. Though the commerce syllabi were ready on time, the university decided to implement semester in the second phase from the 2011-12 session due to opposition from teachers.

Reports say that for the commerce department, the university administration under the new vice-chancellor, Dinesh Singh, has asked for suggestion from college teachers on the semester syllabi framed last year. It is for this reason that a letter was written to all colleges asking them to send their teacher representatives for a 'preliminary meeting', which will be held in January.

For English department the story is quiet different. Despite not even starting the process of revising syllabus for semester system, the department is confident of coming up with anew syllabus in three months time. Speaking about the same to The Times of India, Sumanyu Sathpathy, head of English department, DU, said, "I have written to all colleges to convene a meeting of English teachers and to come up with suggestions which will be tabled at a meeting in the first or second week of January."

Apart from English, the syllabus of economics, sociology and history have also not been revised. Though syllabi of languages like Hindi and political science, among others, were completed last year itself, semester could not be introduced in 2010-11 for these courses as the teachers opposed it at the last moment. While there has been no official communication from the new vice-chancellor on the prospects of semester system in humanities and science courses, DU sources claim that the recent high court verdict has left the remaining departments with little option.


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